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Tribal Rangers

Nyem female tribal rangers visit villages in times of tribal in-fighting and disputes. They travel in pairs for safety.

They are dressed simply but have a little air of authority about them.

They are the officers of  the day and keep the peace. 

They rarely carry weapons, but have some simple weapons and can  use them effectively, predominately one that they are well skilled in, like a staff, a sword, a hammer etc…

Some villages are out in wilderness, overgrown with decay and the villages are quiet, primeval in appearance, they cant speak much, but gesture allot. Some wear rags made out of vegetation and are carnivorous as well as hunter gatherers, but not all, some are just naked.

They don’t like visitors and can be cannibalistic if the prey the look upon smells of fear or weakness. Some villages are just remnants of a day gone by. The huts remain but the inhabitants live in holes underground within the huts, and only come out at night to hunt what ever moves.

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